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My Encounter with Pot Brownies: A Delightful Affair

The first time I tried cannabis I opted for the infamous pot brownie. A concerned friend pointed out the effects of this product thus; I just ate a small piece. However I felt nothing, and I didn’t try any more pot brownie that evening. I thought that either the cookie was a fake or I was immune to the effects of weed.

Several months later I was ready to discover more about cannabis, so I took my second pot brownie being almost sure it won’t affect me. Everyone would be high, but I would be the odd one out. Nonetheless this is not what happened, I got extremely high.
Honestly I was terrified of smoking, so I preferred food which felt safer and healthier though it’s ironic to think of cookies as healthy given the amount of sugar they contain. Several months later I was all about experimenting on edibles. Being high was an intriguing experience for me.

When I began dating my husband we shared an edible and were high together. The memory of the chocolate bar wrapping and the taste of the chocolate is still very vivid in my mind. The night before we had each taken a tiny piece of the chocolate bar which had a mild effect, so I slept well. That afternoon we shared the leftover chocolate bar and then decided to explore nature.

We were stoned out of our minds, beyond what we had previously experienced. The experience lasted for fourteen hours. We felt like we were one with nature. Later we watched a Harry Potter movie which had us in tears when we thought about of the trauma all the characters had to undergo at a tender age of eleven years.

Given the seemingly unending high we were in fourteen hours felt like fourteen days in which we were locked within our minds and bodies. We had mixed up feelings, we felt separated and connected, terrified and at the same time excited, out of control but also had a sense of control. It was like the entire lifetime was spanned within fourteen hours.

I will never forget that day. It was one of the last times we took edibles. Later I became accustomed to smoking. I became fascinated by the culture of growing, storing and maintaining marijuana. They say that when weed is stored well, it will last for a longer time. I say this product will last for a longer duration when consumed in a brownie.

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