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What To Know And Understand About Bail Bonding

When you are charged with a crime, you will have to stay in jail until a verdict of your case is reached, but if there may be important things that you need to do outside then you will need to post bail set by the court to be able to do that.

Bail is the money or property that is required to be released in jail momentarily until verdict, bail bond, is an assured agreement between the defendant or surety and the court to guarantee that the defendant returns to court for the scheduled dates else the bail bond be forfeited.

After the initial hearing, the court will set a specifically high bail for the defendant to ensure that he or she is kept in custody, and ensure that it will not be taken lightly, be forfeited and the defendant to disappear.

Once the bail amount is given by the court, the defendant or the surety will then proceed to post bail, and as a form of confirmation of the bail being posted, a receipt will be given, and the defendant may then be released from jail, following the agreement set as agreed on the bond.

If it happens that the defendant fails to appear even just once on the designated court dates, a forfeiture hearing will be set and an arrest warrant be served, where the defendant is given the opportunity to explain his failure to attend the court date, and if also failure to appear in that forfeiture hearing, the bond will be kept by the court and arrest be served.

In most cases, especially for immediate bail need, defendants will secure the money from a bail bondsmen where they will have to produce a collateral for the amount and the bail bondsmen will get 10% from the bail amount as their profit in the process.

There are also other forms as to how a defendant can secure bail money and that can be from cash bond, signature bond, or property bond all entails certain conditions, so you have to determine which will suit you and where you are capable of handling.

A citation release is then processed once the bail is being posted accordingly, and you will have to ensure that all the agreement set forth are being met and that you comply with all the conditions according to the agreement on the bond.

You are posting bail is something of a privilege that you can get to be able to go about and do your thing as the progress of your case is on, so be responsible as well.

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